Meet the staff/principal

Ms Paula St. Luce (Principal)


Reading Caterpillar

Students are encouraged to read as many books as possible and complete a caterpillar segment listing the Book read, Author, and a brief description/ summary of the content of the book.Help the caterpillar grow by reading a book.

School Graduation and Awards 2015

The third annual Grade Six graduation and School Awards will be held on Tuesday 7th July 2015. Parents of Students in Grade Six should contact the class teachers as soon as possible to finalize arrangements for the Graduation.

End of year activities

The school year is about to end and your teachers have organised many outings and activities for you. Please try to participate fully in these activities as you prepare to move on to another class.


Electives are Extra curricular activities that students engage in so as to develop a well rounded student.

some of the activities take place on-site while others require students to travel to another venue. All elective activities take place on Fridays from 1:30pm. read more