Electives are Extra curricular activities that students engage in so as to develop a well rounded student.

some of the activities take place on-site while others require students to travel to another venue. All elective activities take place on Fridays from 1:30pm.

The activities include:

  1. Swimming- held at the Aquatic Centre, Rodney Bay. Students learn basic swimming techniques.
  2. Tennis- held at the National Tennis Centre, Beausejour. Students learn how to play lawn tennis with professional coaches. National Tennis Centre
  3. Football- Students learn basic football skills under the coaching of National Football players/coaches from the community.
  4. Cricket: A national Cricket Coach from the Ministry of Sports provides coaching to students
  5. Chess: Students learn the rudiments of chess and play games against each other. Helps them to learn to think critically and solve problems.
  6. Environmental club- helps care for school garden and environment. Participates in lectures and clean up campaigns.
  7. Traditional dance- students learn the traditional dances of St. Lucia: the quadrille, La Commette, widova etc.
  8. Modern Dance- Students learn salsa and some other modern dances.
  9. Volley Ball- Students learn basic skills in volleyball and the rules of the game.
  10. Choir- Students learn the rudiments of singing and train to participate in national song competitions.
  11. Guiding- Students engage in the Girl Guides programme and learn about teamwork and other skills.